Disruptive technology – xRM (aka MS CRM 5.0) & Windows Azure

Keeping an eye out for disruptive technology is one of the key driving forces behind folks involved in software development. Most people refer to this as the next “big thing” and its like a holy grail. Take the time to watch this video from MS about where they see the world in 2019 and you ‘ll get the picture. It hopefully has cranked up your brain and so ideas will start poping into your head.

I’ll not go quite as far as 2019 but starting in 2010 and for a few years I see the combination of xRM and Windows Azure making a significant impact on how line of business applications are developed & deployed. There are lots of reasons why this will happen but I want to just distill it down to their respective killer propositions.

So why do I think Windows Azure is a strong contender in the cloud space. Well assumming its just on a feature par with  its competitors its trump card is  integration, integration, integration do this and you lower the barrier to entry do this and you lower TCO. Simple fact, Azure will be huge.

Why do I think xRM is going to be disruptive two words “declarative” & “compatibility”.  You can get a hell of a lot done without coding or coding in small blocks. The data model & workflow components are the best two examples and just look at the PDC 09 annoncement for SQL Server modelling. Software is shifting in this general direction and using xRM today will start training your mind to architect solutions in this manner.

Now xRM & Windows Azure are platforms in their own right with a shared ancestry and this combination (with a sprinkling of the SharePoint platform) will give us our first truly super platform for building applications.


~ by gracey on December 23, 2009.

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