A bright future, StreamInsight & Complex Event Processing (CEP)

[Update: Microsoft announced the offical name StreamInsight and a CTP available in August sometime for download. See here for details.]

CEP has been creeping into the blogsphere over the last few years but has not caught on in mainstream computing but I reckon this is about to change. See this link for a quick introduction,


CEP’s main  proponents are finance, energy,risk,fraud detection, etc. but I reckon the really big break through is going to be consumer driven. I see here an explosion of data especially from consumer devices just think of all that real time GPS data on an iPhone coupled with either of,

-Mint web site which stores a significant proportion of ones financial health

Amazon online shopping history

A who’s who of vendors include,


Progress Apama




Finally why blog about this now, well back in February Microsoft announced a product coded named “Orinoco”

Introducing Microsoft’s Platform for Complex Event Processing


~ by gracey on July 23, 2009.

One Response to “A bright future, StreamInsight & Complex Event Processing (CEP)”

  1. Hi Gracey.

    I agree with your observation that there is a bright future for the event processing area, and that Microsoft entering this market is a good sign, and certainly opening it for additional communities.

    While one of the bloggers you cite consistently undermine the achievements of the event processing area, it is already getting gradually to the main stream. IBM has made it as a central part in it “Smarter Planet” major initiative. See: http://epthinking.blogspot.com/2009/05/on-smarter-planet.html Various vendors already have products that process GPS events, RFID events and even Twitter feeds. So some of the things you mention as future are already happening.




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