Workflow as the wildcard? Absolutely…

This is a response to the blog post,

So the question was,

“Or go for a “wild card” WF implementation?”

I believe this has a reasonably chance of being the future of a lot of development. We just need to answer the when but with WF 4.0 being a complete rewrite and items like Dublin, Velocity and Parallels library in the works then yes its a stretch but their unification could actually work and bears investigating.

Just imagine a team building an app. DDD style and exposing public domain services that then get stitched together by a domain expert via a Workflow GUI like K2’s so getting them involved in the application building process, this has to be very compelling for any DDD guy.

In terms of workflow editors I’d recommend folks look at the one in MS CRM 4.0 which is very interesting and goes another step in the right direction for MS. Just look at the image that MS has for the Azure platform and guess what CRM services (don’t get hung up on the name CRM, MS will end up renaming it to something like xRM and it will compete with the likes of Salesforces offering) sits in as one of the 5 services.

So workflow is going to be huge but it will take lots of time to get into the high end (if ever) of financial trading systems but one place to start I reckon is low volume high value transactions…


~ by gracey on January 7, 2009.

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